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What is the eligibility for participating in YES BANK Transformation Series 2018?

YES BANK Transformation Series 2018 is open to students from recognized universities (B-schools and Tech institutes). Teams may be formed by students across different years, streams, disciplines.

I'd like to register but my University/ College is not mentioned in the dropdown list. Can I participate?

Yes. Provided that you and your team members are full-time students from a recognized university, you may register by selecting ‘Others’ from dropdown list and provide your University/ College name in the text field.

Can I form a team with a member from a different campus?

No, all members of a team should be from the same campus.

I'm not interested in forming a team. Can I participate individually?

We encourage students to form a team of 3 from within their campus. But, a student can form a team of 2 or can participate individually in the competition. Teams may be formed by students across different years, streams, disciplines.

Can I attempt more than one case study?

There is no limit to the number of available case studies being solved by a particular team. However, the quality of submissions is the only qualifying criteria for the grand finale.

Can I work on any case study? I'd like the option of working on various other cases.

Case studies have been pre-allocated campus wise and will be visible once you activate your account and login.

What is the format for uploading my case solution?

The case solution can be submitted in .doc or .pdf format and should not exceed 2000 words (excluding exhibits & annexures).

Can I participate if I am on an International Exchange Programme?

Students who are on an International Exchange program from Indian Universities are eligible to participate in YES BANK Transformation Series. However, they must ensure that at least one of the three team members will be physically available to present their submitted solution if their entry is shortlisted.

What are the criteria for getting shortlisted for the Grand Finale?

Every entry uploaded according to the submission guidelines will be studied by a panel comprising of members from respective case partners and YES Bank Leadership.

Are engineering students allowed to participate in YES BANK Transformation Series?

Yes, engineering students are eligible to participate in the competition.

For any other registration and case related queries, please write to us at